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Mojo Filter
Featured Mixes\EDITS

With a refined musical prowess and uncanny ability to merge occasion, placement and people, Ben Zaven Crane exudes an almost supernatural understanding of what it is to create magical, mysterious and frenetic atmospheres with performance and music. 

From Bond to Bollywood, Disco, Rock and Soul, Ben has the tools to engineer heightened states of dance, making every gig a ritual ceremony. With over 100 releases across all formats his production exploits are unrivalled.

The noticeable thing about the Mojo Filter catalogue is that Ben is not afraid to explore different genres. He has tackled vintage tunes as well as modern ones, delving into rock, soul, pop, indie and beyond. 

"Psychedelic re-loves, autobahn excursions and spacey remixes have been the trademark of Mojo’s productions as he takes the edits phenomenon to a new level. Beyond this, his D.J sets are nothing short of fantastical"- Resident Advisor

Equally at home with down tempo soundscapes or dance floor electronica.

RocknRolla Sound System
Featured Mixes\EDITS

RocknRolla Soundsystem does edits.

Quite good ones actually.

Since 2012 the Dutch collective produces reworks

of all things groovy and they have become a household name in the global edit scene. Besides usual suspect genres, a distinctive thing is that RocknRolla Soundsystem doesn’t back out of taking on editing less predictable music like singer songwriter tunes, rock, reggae, jazz or blues. 
Their released work on Island / Universal, Katakana Edits, Springbok Records, Act of Sedition, Vehicle and Alpaca Edits is critically acclaimed and praised by big radio names like Craig Charles, Gilles Peterson & Jeremy Sole (KCRW USA).

Originating from the house and techno scene in the city

of Groningen, RocknRolla Soundsystem was founded

on the very simple idea of wanting to be able to play more groove infused danceable versions of authentic tunes.

Each member of the crew owns an extensive music collection filled with material from the early sixties until present day to which RocknRolla Soundsystem turns when selecting material for new remix projects.
Productions never sound overhyped or overproduced.

Their authentic approach of adding subtle groove, bass lines, and additional instrumentation has resulted in a solid catalog of over 40 songs.


Their most notable tracks easily surpass 200.000 plays on Soundcloud, Youtube, and other online platforms.


RocknRolla Soundsystem is Joris Vos,

Martijn Bosch & Raymond van Felius

TeeTwo Mariani

TeeTwo Mariani is a veritable encyclopedia of music.


He brings a design element to the venue

- as each DJ set is carefully constructed to fill the space with beauty.


The music is extremely considered and you won't find any fillers or weak, popular tunes.

It's gourmet stuff with great taste and flavour!

He was signed by Laurent Garnier for Sly Records,

in the band Ghost of Christmas.

He has also released on the highly respected Macadam Mambo label.

He has two singles on Act of Sedition. 

2018 saw him take residency in the USA, playing Houston & San Francisco.

His unique French sound was hugely popular and

he secured a large fan base before returning home

to France.

He plays a wide selection of music using a rotary mixer - a true professor of musical styles.

He lives near Toulon, where he has a studio,

composes his own work,

as well as tackling re-edits and remixes.

Featured Mixes\EDITS
Bully Boy

30 years down the line and Bully is still behind the decks.


He's supported Kelis, Chaka Khan, Soulwax, The Orb, Stereophonics, Black Crowes, Steel Pulse and many other household names.

His compilations for Mastercuts and Kickin' Records

are now a collector's dream.

His edits on Act of Sedition sell out in weeks.

Recent gigs include The French Grand Prix, Absolut Elyx Brand Party, Ferrari 70th Birthday and Mama Shelter, Marseille. Certain clients he can't even mention.....


He was resident at the Met Bar and Great Eastern Hotel, London, before settling in the South of France.


His ability to read the crowd and play the right songs makes him a thoroughbred party DJ.


Whether it's funk, disco, reggae, afrobeat, house or latin – it's going to rock.


Superb mixing skills, whether on vinyl or digital and certainly has an ear for the action.

Featured Mixes\EDITS

The hottest name on Moscow's nu-disco scene,

Valique is a unique DJ praised for his taste,

style and technique.


With 3 full-length albums and many singles released

by labels like Freestyle Records (UK) and INFRACOM (DE)

he has repeatedly topped the world's biggest musical shops, the latest nominated as an album of the year

on Dutch National Radio and supported by many radio stations across Europe and USA.

Being a professional and talented DJ, he is well aware

of what a good party needs and thus Valique's works

are the utmost choice for a great number of DJ's and collectors around the world. As a DJ he has toured clubs

and festivals across Europe, Russia, South-East Asia

and India.


His first vinyl single of 2007 “Taking Your Seat” is still considered as one of his best works and lives in the bags

of many good djs. Valique remixed and collaborated with international artists, like Bryan Ferry

and Kraak & Smaak, to name a few.


Valique is also known as a legendary re-editor, his more than successful “V's edits” series have brought him the fame of world's leading scalpel specialist with a magical ability

to return the hardly considered danceable tunes into the light of the best disco balls.

His re-edit of Led Zeppelin's “Whole Lotta” is still

the #1 all-styles/all-time bestselling track on JUNO

(since 2012) 

Valique has hyped the audience with top-selling and

well-charted remixes, Darkside Soul Session and

a signature sound Dark Jazz EP, 12' single with Rotciv,

The Cruising and AGCP on Krasawa Records/RU and impressive headliner set at WTF festival/ Croatia. Freshest works include a single on Canadian Kinjo Music, very well received “Valique Adventures in Acid Boogie” on Timewarp Records, and developing Ex-Yu series on Vehicle records, that aim at reworking many of the forgotten Yugoslavian musical gems, that brought him to be a headliner

of Nis Jazz Festival/Serbia 2016.

Valique can be found on Compost Records and Vehicle,

as well as Act of Sedition.

Featured Mixes\EDITS
Frank Agrario
Frank Agrario

Frank Agrario was part of UK's techno pioneers Swayzak (k7!), famous for bringing their deep sound to the biggest festivals and clubs; Coachella, Benicassim, Glastonbury, Ibiza's Space, Berlin's Watergate, Tokyo's Unit…. and also was part of electro duo Pinktronix (IRMA). 

Frank released 2 x 12" for Prins Thomas' label Internasjonal, an EP on Glasgow's Solar Disco and releases on Swedish Tom Tom Disco, a long series of rmx and the debut album of The Bank on BearFunk records to establish his name in the disco scene. Frank is also famous for his edits played by djs like Dimitri From Paris, Metro Area, Prins Thomas, The Allergies and Bottin. He has two releases on Act of Sedition.

Besides this ridiculously good discography, he is constantly on the road drumming with the American songwriter Jeff Jones and the French chanteur Alix Melody. An in demand session musician (Pete Doherty, Robert Smith..) and has also produced the last two albums for Lo Stato Sociale that recently hit number one on the Italian charts.


Music is his life, and it's reflected in his DJ sets that fuse house, afrobeat and electro sounds into a beautiful journey, that bonds him to the audience. His studio talents and career as a musician mean that you get a high quality mix from a talented pair of ears. Experience counts, and Frank is a veteran.

Featured Mixes\EDITS
Lego Edits

Where to start?

Diego has such a large and diverse catalogue of work that it's hard to frame it.

Italian maestro of the Chop Shop - taking soul, disco, latin, afrobeat and funk into completely new realms.

A household name on the circuit and hugely respected.

He does edits with new bass lines, instruments and percussion. He also tackles imaginative mash ups.

The vinyl discography on Legofunk Records shows his sublime taste and dance floor orientated flow, but dig into the digital library and you're suddenly swimming in deep pools of delight.

He is released on Samosa Records and Act of Sedition.

Based in Trieste, Italy - an act with mountains of kudos, and a dance floor that might need repair. A guaranteed smash.

Featured Mixes\EDITS

In 2005 DJ Mikeandtess was born.

His large array of edits has seen him scale heights of acclaim and notoriety.

Greg Wilson rates him among the best, and his eclectic discography proves how versatile he is.

Based in Aix en Provence, Mike has been rocking the Riviera for many years. He's played clubs all over Marseille, Bandol,

St Tropez and name just a few places.

He's also toured Asia and done a host of radio shows.

His custom built mixer gives him a distinctive sound and his huge library of edits means he can play an entire set of exclusives!

Find his remixes on Different Musiq, Expanded Records, Musiek Colours, Uno Mas, United Music Records and

Act of Sedition.

A veteran of the scene, mixing many styles of music, still in great shape. A real professional that stands out from the emerging pretenders.

Tess is his daughter. if you're wondering about the name.

Featured Mixes\EDITS
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