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We Do Downloads

Perfect Pitch Vol.3

Third release in this series and it's a home run.

Album only, so it retains the vibe of loose grooves for lazy days.

Oldchap, Ben Jamin, Opso, Groovemasta and Andy Kidd join our team and the results speak for themselves.

The compilation flows like a mountain stream, bubbling majestically and shining like a diamond.

All bases are covered, with musical genres from all corners of the globe, and you'll find these 13 tracks on heavy rotation, because when Steef, Mikeandtess, V4YS, Bully, Lego, Frank Agrario, Sucka & Belabouche step up to the plate, you know it's a winning combo.

The soundtrack of the summer. 

New Double Pack - AoS 012

Next month will see the release of AoS 012

Another killer double pack.

A) Preacher Man - Mikeandtess

B) Big In the Jazzclub - Oldchap

C) Central Train - Bully Boy

D) Delicious - Vibes4YourSoul

Limited edition in tagged and stamped card covers.

An essential piece for your Act of Sedition collection.

Free Downloads

Two free downloads this month from Bully Boy. The Prelude classic, Body Music, refixed for the modern dance floor, and Kraftwerk's Europe Endless taken into a whole new realm.


The Strikers

Digital Compilations

So far we've been a vinyl only label, putting out our dinky sevens and showcasing the World's best editors.


The catalogue is now punching its way into the heavyweight arena.


There is an exclusive

Best Of compilation featuring some unreleased edits and the big hitters from our first five releases.


It's called High Five and is available on Juno Download. There's also the Perfect Pitch series for more laid back tracks, with Volume 3 on its way in April.


Finally you can play high quality

AoS files and not just poor ones ripped from Soundcloud!

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