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We Do Downloads

Beaumonde Remixed

We teamed up with Caribbean specialists, Beaumode Records.

We combed through their catalogue and gave it a re-groove that brings it up to date and yet keeps that beautiful créole flavour.

You can buy it direct from us and there's also a vinyl EP if you're quick.

High quality WAV files and there's even a low price if you buy the entire album.

It's spicy, funky and unlike anything you've ever heard. 

For Your Ears Only 007

The Bond EP is in the shops.

We're sold out at Bass Camp but you can hit Phonica, Juno and Rarekind in the UK.

Our Italian distributors have spread the rest around Europe, so happy hunting.

Vinyl only - Limited to 400

Gatefold artwork but Star Wars graphic artist Jake Detonator.

Free Downloads

Two free downloads this month from Bully Boy. The Prelude classic, Body Music. Refixed for the modern dance floor, and Kraftwerk's Europe Endless taken into a whole new realm.


The Strikers

Digital Compilations

So far we've been a vinyl only label, putting out our dinky sevens and showcasing the World's best editors.


The catalogue is now punching its way into the heavyweight arena.


There is an exclusive

Best Of compilation featuring some unreleased edits and the big hitters from our first five releases.


It's called High Five and is available on Juno Download. There's also the Perfect Pitch series for more laid back tracks


Finally you can play high quality

AoS files and not just poor ones ripped from Soundcloud!