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Ponk Fonk - AoS 008

We are very excited to announce that Ponk Fonk

is now available. Cat No. AoS 008

This time we're tackling the punk and new wave era, and the results are pure anarchy.

No need for record adapters, as there's no dink, but our distinctive double pack series continues - and the first few are in transparent colour vinyl.

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to order a copy of this genre jumping monster.

Disco Sucks - well, at least until Christmas...

AoS 008 sampler - Ponk Fonk - AoS 008
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The Supreme Team - AoS 008

The AoS 006 showcase is out but as always

these DJ promos are very limited: 400 copies.


The Supreme Team EP features the talents

of TeeTwo Mariani, P-Sol, DJ Laurel & Bully Boy,

tackling some rare groove soul.

Superbly mastered by Frank Brini - breathing new life

into these smoking tunes.

Supreme Team - Various
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One small step for mankind

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Nutty As A Fruitcake
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Jan 20:20
Digital Compilation

So far we've been a vinyl only label, putting out our dinky sevens and showcasing the World's best editors.


The catalogue is now punching its way into the heavyweight arena.


There will be an exclusive

Best Of compilation featuring some unreleased edits and the big hitters from our first five releases.


It's called High Five and will be out in the New Year.


Finally you can play high quality

AoS files and not just poor ones ripped from Soundcloud!